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A place that is both secure and filled with happiness for you and your beloved children.

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Welcome to Water Bikes  Curacao Tour & Fitness

Where you can Take the Best  ride of your life on our  beautiful waters of curacao.

Water Bikes Curacao delivers an unparalleled experience on water where you can have a memorable experience exploring the beautiful waters, landscapes, intercoastal waterways, our beautiful natures  and skylines of the west Coast of Curacao from close up with music and enjoyments.

Cycling on Water: The Ultimate Outdoor Workout Experience

What do we Offer ?

Water Bikes Curacao  currently offers hourly private groups, fitness groups, tourist groups.

Our easy to use water bikes are fun, safe, stable and super easy to operate, you don’t even need to be able to ride a road bike to experience the freedom of ridding across the open water making it  ideal for any level rider.

Whether it’s a fun family outing, couples outing, or getting a workout in, what better way to have some fun enjoying the sun on  Water Bikes Curacao.

Instructions on how to ride

Just Hop On & Ride

Come and Experience a new water adventure with easy-to-use water bikes

Easy to Ride

No need to assemble or learn tricks. This bike is ready for some fun in the sun

No Experience Needed

Just hop on & ride! No classes or instructions. Ride as usual.


No steering required, use it as a regular bike without worrying about paddling.

All Fitness Levels

From gym rats to couch potatoes, this bike is for you!

Only Requirement

The only requirement is you must be able to reach the peddles, (generally a minimum height of 5 ft).

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are safe, steady, and sturdy. They are being recognized as steadier and sturdier than kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards because of its size and design – they are virtually untippable and unsinkable.

We have 2 tours durations
1 35$ for a 30 minutes tour
2 50$ for a 1 hour tour

Please note that due to the remote location, we accept payment only in cash at the site or via bank transfer. Kindly keep in mind that if you are making a bank transfer from a foreign account, payment confirmation may take a minimum of 48 hours. Until then, we cannot confirm your reservation.

If you would like to cancel your booking ,please notify us via our phone , watsapp or email at minimum 48 hours prior your reservation. If you cancel within the 48 -hour period you will not receive a refund.And if you book for 5 people and arived with less then 5 people without notifying us at least 24 hour prior you would need to pay full if cash And if payment is online you would not get a refund.

Pleas arived atleast 15 or 10 minutes prior to your scheduled reservation.

Yes we would take beatifull photos for you while you’re enjoying waterbiking

You can bring swim shoes if you wish or you can goo barefoot, a botle of water to stay hydrated , a hat , and must have their waiver signed online

Weight and Height requirements

The maximum weight capacity per bike is 130 kg.
All riders must have a minimum leg inseam of 65 cm to reach the pedals.
The maximum height allowed for riders is 200 cm.

You do not need to have any skills or swimingskills or qualifications to ride with our waterbikes. No swimming or riding a bike on land is required. Please note, you are not allowed to go for a swim or dock the bike at any point in time during your ride. For your safety, it is imperative to keep your life jacket on throughout your ride.

Cycling on Water: The Ultimate Outdoor Workout Experience

This place is not just a source of joy